SmartHeloID App

SmartHeloID App is available from today on the Stores

The SmartheloID App is now available on the reference stores.

You can download iOS at the following link:  Apple Store
And download for Android version at the following link: Google Play

It is a simple to use application with COLORED design and CLEAN interface: the most INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE app in the world of preventive health measures.

After you login in the SmartHeloID app, you can see all the sections where you can keep track of your life quality 24/7, just connect your Helo wristband and tap on the service you need and start your day.

Using SmartHeloID app you can daily collect your vital data and share them with your doctor or with the FIRST responder. Just scanning the QR Code you can have all data at hand including the one collected by HELO in the last month.


Today has been launched in the WGN store, SmartHeloID!

This partnership is born with the intention to offer to the WGN users a service of data store even more complete.

The QR code allow, through the scan of it, to show all main clinical information of whom endorse it, which are: Recent events, Medications, Therapies Pathologies, Allergies, ID documents and/or medical documents – and most important – the emergency contacts. The visualized data, inserted by the person itself or from whom deputes for him/her, can always updated at any time also from the Doctor.

By associating the WGN Helo profile the vital signs measured will be available, in real time, together along with the other personal data.