Helpcodelife, a company based in Milan, London, Riga and Madrid, launched in 2015 an entrepreneurial initiative in the field of information technology, linked to the Swiss company Salusbank, a project that involves the health sphere. The activity is aimed at the production and delivery of medical devices to be worn containing medical data for the support of the first aid emergency. The management of the online digital medical data is done in total safety and directly by the users who through the scanning of a QR Code can make it accessible to the medical personnel.

SalusBank is an online, personal safe, designed for the collection of all the medical documents / exams that usually remain stored at the bottom of a drawer. Thanks to a restricted access, it is possible to upload medical (or not) documents in a simple and fast way. You can also share them with your doctor and allow to follow the state of health even from distance.

The company’s Mission is to facilitate the user and to ensure timeliness and quality in displaying the information entered by the user to first aid personnel. The objective is to ensure greater personal protection to avoid incorrect treatment or diagnosis. We are confident that information and knowledge of the personal state of health can be more than a valid support and allow everyone to take control of their health.