SmartHeloID: Health in Unity!

SmartHeloID is a medical device CLASS 1 of SalusBank and Helpcodelife software systems, that through the scan of the QR code on the stripe or on the bracelet, gives immediate access to your profile, which says who you are, if you have any allergies, who to contact, if you are taking any medicines etc.

By associating WGN Helo profiles to SmartHeloID, the vital signs measured with personal Helo devices, will be associated to the QRcode and will be available together along with other data users may desire to store and make available.

Your data can be available, anywhere, at any time you need it. The pieces of information will be available in any language, seen as the personal profile associated to the code will be automatically translated into the language set on the phone of the person who scans (first responders, doctors, rescuers, or other emergency services).

The SmartHeloID services requires the registration of the personal QRcode using any QR reader app or the SmartHeloID App available for Android and iOS in HeloAppStore, in Google Play Store and Apple Store App.

SmartHeloID a code that can save your life!